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  • Thursday, May 2, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public at 4 PM.
  • Thursday, May 9, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public at 3:30 PM.
  • Wednesday, May 15, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public at 4 PM.
  • Thursday, May 19, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public at 6 PM.
  • Thursday, May 23, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public at 6 PM.
  • Friday, July 12, Pacific Park will be CLOSED to the public ALL DAY.

🕐 For a full schedule of hours, please check our operating calendar before planning your visit.

Donations and Charitable Giving

Pacific Park is a proud supporter of many local and regional charities, fundraisers, and educational programs. Through civic engagement, partnerships, and in-kind donations, Pacific Park has helped thousands of charities and non-profits over the years. The Park has lit their world-famous Pacific Wheel to raise awareness for local and global initiatives, hosted fundraisers and community events, and donated complimentary rides and treats to countless fundraisers.

$ 382,320.00 in goods donated to charitable events since Oct, 2018

Partnerships with Pacific Park


To submit a formal request for donations to your event or non-profit organization, please create a profile on our partner website, Donation Match:



Pacific Park receives hundreds of donation requests annually and due to this high volume of inquiries, cannot honor every request made. Eligibility for donations is weighted by time, proximity and alignment with Pacific Park’s core values as a safe, friendly, and affordable place for visitors and families.  If your event meets our eligibility requirements, you will be able to request a donation from our profile. Once your request has been submitted through the Donation Match portal above, the Pacific Park community relations team will review your request and provide a response within 2 business weeks.

Discounts for Educational Programs, Non-Profits, and Youth Groups

Pacific Park offers special discounted rates for qualifying school groups, camps, after-school programs, church groups, and other non-profit organizations. Read more about the rates and packages offered for non-profit and school groups.

Special Lightings of the Pacific Wheel

We get many requests to light the Pacific Wheel for various causes and reasons. Unfortunately, we cannot honor all requests, and due to the high volume of these requests, Pacific Park no longer offers pro bono wheel lightings. All special lightings of the Pacific Wheel are considered sponsorships and can be arranged through the Marketing and Events department. To learn more about partnerships and collaborations with Pacific Park, visit

Host a Fundraiser at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Park partners with many major charitable organizations every year to produce fun, exciting fundraisers. The Special Olympics of Southern California, Police Activities League, and several local schools all come to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier to host fun-filled fundraisers in an iconic setting with loads of activities for their guests. Whether it’s an amusement park-themed day of fun for the volunteers, or an evening reception over the waves of the Pacific Ocean for your organization’s donors, Pacific Park can help you plan a unique fundraiser or community event for your organization. Read more about the different options on the Pier and submit a request for information.

Community Involvement

Pacific Park plays an active role in the community through strategic partnerships with local and regional charities and support of civic programs. Pacific Park participates in several in-kind donation programs and their executives serve on the boards of several local non-profit organizations. Read more about our charitable partnerships and work in the local community.