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Desi Tourist: India to USA Travel Vlog

Indian Travel YouTuber @Desi_Travels at the Santa Monica Pier
test2 -desi-tourist-india-to-usa-travel-vlog

Amit Singh visits the Santa Monica Pier to see how well the amusement park is portrayed in the video game, Grand Theft Auto

The YouTube Channel, Desi Tourist, is curated by Indian traveler Amit Singh. After his visit to Santa Monica, we reached out to learn more about his experience:

What is Desi Tourist all about?

I am on a mission to showcase the beauty of our planet to the world through cinematic travel films. My channel features first-hand experiences of my travel journeys, information, tips and tricks related to the destination.

How was your trip to Santa Monica?

It is one of the best places to be around while in Los Angeles. The Santa Monica Pier is like a year-round fair with kids, families, food, rides and whatnot. It’s a happy place. I would recommend people to spend time there solo or with their partner or families. One shouldn’t miss the sunset, the rides, mouthwatering food, the live music. I fell in love with the sounds of one of the Pierโ€™s musicians who was playing the violin. I used some of his music in my YouTube video and people are loving the music so much.



You mentioned in the video that your visit to the Pier was special and something you had wanted to do since childhood โ€“ tell us more about why the Pier was on your list of places to see.

Santa Monica has been on my bucket list for years. I have dreamed of visiting ever since I was a kid playing Grand Theft Auto. The game portrays the Pier and many other landmarks in the Los Angeles. When I finally arrived at the Pier it was an emotional moment; I became very nostalgic about my dream of coming to this place. And since I was traveling solo, I could totally feel my emotions and I really enjoyed being myself there.

How do you balance enjoying your vacation with time spent shooting and editing videos on the go?

Haha…Yeah it’s a tricky one. So whatever minimum duration I tell my viewers to spend at one place, I actually spend about double the amount of time there or sometimes even more. So half of that time I am enjoying the destination and rest of the time I am busy shooting video. It can be reversed as well depending on factors like time of the day or weather conditions.

You have posted several great-looking travel videos to your channel including Sri Lanka and Thailand. What are some of your favorite places you have visited? What makes them special?

I have been to many countries but have just uploaded 3 country series on my YouTube channel so far. There are so many amazing places in the world, just to name a few –

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey โ€“ Such a magical landscape
  2. Chachoengsao, Thailand โ€“ The most soothing place in the world
  3. Cape Maclear, Malawi โ€“ Like a lost world
  4. Red Rock Canyon – Surprising destination: I never knew something this cool existed just 40 minutes away from Las Vegas

What locations are you planning to visit next? How do you decide where to go next?

Oh, all 195 countries are on my list! I have visited 22 already. I generally decide to travel to a place based on two major factors – The weather and the cost of the flight. I also consider local laws related to the use of cameras and flying a drone.

What can viewers expect to see from Desi Tourist in the next year?

My viewers and subscribers can expect some amazing episodes from this trip to the USA. I have visited many places on this trip including Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas & San Francisco. After that, you can watch a fun and cool road trip series where I travel with my pug driving a camper van through the amazing landscapes of India. I am also planning trips to Hawaii and Russia very soon.


About Desi Tourist

Desi Tourist is a fast-growing travel channel on YouTube featuring Hindi-language videos hosted by traveler Amit Singh. Desi Tourist offers insight in booking discounted and budget travel options to help open destinations up to more visitors. See more at and be sure to follow Amit on Instagram @desi_tourist.


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